In conversation with Aaron Smith, CEO of Sageflo, on Empowering Businesses Through Better Marketing, and Remote Work Advice — Gaper

A New Journey When the Pandemic Starts

Transitioning to Remote Work: Clients, Team, Management, Culture

Mental Health and Work-Life

  • Have a separate space for work in your home where the only thing you do is work. This ensures that one is able to clearly transition between the work mental state to spending time on leisure, family, etc. To further help with this, he suggests playing some music at 5pm (or whenever you are done with work) to further establish that distinction.
  • For managers, and/or leaders of people, respect your teammates and employees. Don’t ask them to do things before 9am or after 5pm. Respect their space and separation of home/personal and work time.

The Future for Sageflo



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